Zen Wellness 200-Hour Medical Qigong
Correspondence Course


Become a certified Zen Wellness Instructor

This is a combination of live trainings and correspondence to earn your 200-hour Medical Qigong Instructors Certification. You begin by reviewing the correspondence kit, web teachings and beginning your correspondence practice.  We will then meet at one of out live trainings, usually a Chi Fit seminar followed by 3 days of Medical Qigong

You will then come back for a 7-day intensive to refine your skill and test (if applicable).

This program is designed to meet & exceed the requirements for certification by the National Qigong Association (NQA) as a Level 1 QiGong Instructor (200 hours of documented formal training).


  • The Golden Chi Ball
    • Yin-Yang theory
    • Creating the brass basin
    • Finding the three hearts
    • Opening the small circuit
    • Leading the golden chi ball
  • Zen Wellness Five Element Medical Chi Gong
    • Five element theory
    • Using the Zen Wellness elemental healing sounds
    • Zen Wellness five animal chi gong
    • Zen Wellness five elemental standing chi gong
    • The three treasures of the Tao. Jing-chi-shen
  • Zen Wellness Nine Gates Medical Chi Gong
    • What are the nine gates?
    • Introduction to the twelve meridians
    • Three hearts and nine gates medical chi gong. (muscle tendon changing)
    • Three hearts and nine gates acute medical chi gong. (sitting practice)
    • Man, heaven and earth meridian breathing
  • Zen Wellness Eight Vessels Medical Chi Gong
    • Introduction to the eight vessels
    • Opening the eight vessels chi gong
    • Filling the eight vessels chi gong
    • Introduction to the eight trigrams
    • The seven dimensions of consciousness
  • Zen Wellness Bone Marrow Nei Gong

    • What is bone marrow nei gong?
    • Iron shirt chi gong
    • Introduction to Ching Chi nei gong
    • Bone marrow breathing nei gong
    • Bone tapping nei gong

This course is a 200 hour program that meets or exceeds the National Qi Gong Association requirements.



200 Hour Breakdown:


Curriculum Comprehensive – 75 hours

The Mechanics of Mind and Body – 50 hours
Includes the study of QiGong as it applies to the human physical anatomy and physiology. (Body systems, joints and organs, etc. and energy anatomy and physiology (charkas, energy meridians, etc.) Includes both the study of the subject and application of its principles as it applies to yoga, Tai Chi and Martial Arts.

The Science of Teaching – 50 hours
Includes training on how to teach private and group lessons in a safe and professional manner to a wide variety of age groups and abilities and how to set up your teaching business.

Practicum – 25 hours
Includes documented practice teaching, receiving feedback, observing others teaching and hearing and giving feedback. Also includes assisting a certified instructor during classes.

Tuition includes:

  • Secrets of Living Young correspondence workbook and 7 DVD set and log book
  • 12 months of Zen Wellness Membership Site access
  • 2 Day Zen Business Bootcamp Seminar
  • Chi Fit Seminar (you will attend this training 2 times, the 2nd one you will test for your certification
  • (2) three-day 200-hour only trainings (usually held at our beautiful retreat center in AZ or in Kauai, HI)

Questions? Call 623-341-3173 or e-mail info@zenwellness.com for application

200 Medical Qigong Certification Zen Wellness credit hours can apply towards your 500 hour Medical Qigong Director Certification




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